MESH Program

Our Focus and Approach Sets Us Apart

The Multidisciplinary Empowerment for Sustainable Health program (MESH) is designed to engage and empower patients to reach their healthcare goals with patient driven holistic care plans. The aim is to assist patients in transitioning their care out of the hospital and emergency department and into our primary care practice. We aim to increase their quality of life and improve well-being in a sustainable manner. This is achieved by increasing access to our team of healthcare professionals and providing resources during a transitional period.

We meet our patients where they are. We discuss health goals, coach patients to create accountability for their health, and offer unfettered access to care (with same-day appointments and walk-in availability). We represent a network that supports patients who find themselves to be in a vulnerable state of health or at a medically fragile period. We help them to navigate the system to find stability and health.

About Our Care

Multidisciplinary: Our team includes most health care disciplines including a physician, nurse practitioner, nurse case manager, community health worker, certified medical assistant, social worker, health behavior specialist, pharmacist, chaplain, and more (depending on the individualized needs of the patient).

Empowerment: We aim to inspire, encourage, and enable our patients to flourish. We are also inspired by them.

Sustainable Health: The goal is for our patients to stay healthy! By addressing complex chronic medical illnesses with compassion and patience, we are providing ‘concierge-type’ care and service to our patients who need this attention. We strive to promote wellness and minimize risk of illness; in so doing, we have been able improve the quality of the patients’ lives, reducing emergency department visits and hospitalizations with their associated high costs and adverse consequences. Once patient goals are underway or achieved, the patient will transition from MESH to our standard primary care delivery model.

The traditional model of primary care does not work with the most medically complex patients. For these patients, the health system collapses and socioeconomic disparities widen for the most vulnerable and sick in our communities. We are confronting these deficiencies in our models and creatively supporting our most at risk patients.

Raena Hariharan, MESH lead physician

In 5 Years….

With the continued success of the MESH program, in 5 years…

  • We hope to expand this program to help more patients, populations, and payers.
  • We hope to change patient perspectives on primary care, specifically among patients who have experiences health disparities, are living with significant medical complexity and have psychosocial barriers to their health and wellbeing. We are striving to give patients opportunities to lead their best lives.
  • We will continue to transform worried patients into resilient survivors. For the individuals we are serving, we will continue to chase away the clouds so that they do not feel as if it is always raining.


“Thx for the referral of the above referenced patient she is about 99% completely healed and it hasn’t been easy. You can see the May 22, 2019 [photo] to appreciate from where she has come from. Just keeping you in the loop. Appreciate all you have done to save this women’s limb.”
Dr. Sherman, consultant physician

“From the time I started, I was a wreck but doc came into my life, took some time to straighten me out and get my health back together. Before [MESH] I was in and out of the hospital 18 times… and since I got with MESH I haven’t been admitted to the hospital. I’m really happy with my doc and the staff really cares about me. I’ve been treated with the utmost respect. They help me with everything.”
Patient, FD

“MESH is helpful in contacting other people when I need them like the Dept. of Aging. They even do home visits which is really nice. It surprised me. Barbara took care of my mobility papers… They are really caring and look into things about medical problems…even giving me a pumice stone.”
Patient, DH

“The MESH program has helped me. I had physical problems and when they started seeing me I felt a lot better. The doctors and everyone, if you need anything you can call. If you get sick, you don’t have to worry about finding a doctor…they’re on call seven days a week. If you have problems they can help you…always have someone to listen to you and help you figure things out.”
Patient, TC

“Since I’ve been with MESH they have helped me because they have introduced me to different programs like therapy, quitting smoking and the chaplain. They always have my medicine correct…MESH has just been good for me… helped me out and strengthened me…it’s just the little things. They’ve wizened me up.”
Patient, CH

“He brought God back in my life and gave me confidence in god”
Patient note about MESH’s Chaplain, Will