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About Faculty Development

Our ‘Curriculum Development Course’ and ‘Teaching Skills Course’ may be what most people think of first when they consider our division. We have trained hundreds of fellows and faculty who then went on to more effectively touch the lives of thousands of learners.

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Experiential learning with kindred spirits in our programs results in transformational growth.

Curriculum Development Program
We want to leverage our experience and expertise to equip faculty to more efficiently plan better educational experiences using a structured and scholarly approach that is oriented to healthcare needs and outcomes.
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The Teaching Skills program put a name to the factors that make up high quality instructional methods. For example, teachers need to reflect, check assumptions, listen attentively, bring his/her whole self and mind to discussions, encourage learners to reflect, and to act as role models for learners.

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Teaching Skills Program

This program is intended for educators at all levels of training and experience in all biomedical, public health, and nursing fields who are invested in developing their skills as teachers. No prior course work is required.