Academic GIM Practice

Our Mission

To provide high quality, safe, patient-centered primary care that satisfies the needs of a diverse patient population within the setting of an academic practice that is innovating, educating, and discovering.

How We’re Different

  • Our providers are LEADERS in medicine, primary care, and education
  • Residents and students enrich our practice with insight, passion, and learning
  • Staff and providers meet patient needs collectively – as a close-knit team
  • Our patients are diverse in age, races, socioeconomic backgrounds, and medical complexity
  • We are a hospital based primary care practice. As such, we serve patients with higher acuity needs and partner with JHBMC on programs such as an Ambulatory ICU Model (MESH), a CHF collaboration with Cardiology, and we have an extended care team that includes expertise in case management, social work, behavioral health, pharmacy, and much more. Collaboration with the hospital results exciting and ever-changing demands.


“Our team at GIM is unique in that we are comprised of various disciplines – our whole is definitely greater than the sum of the parts. Not only does our practice have dedicated physicians and practitioners; we have a robust and supportive interdisciplinary team that is made up of: nurses, social workers, certified medical assistants, pharmacists, community health workers, and medical office assistants, and many others. Our team understands that by focusing on quality of care every day, we will enable our patients to have better clinical outcomes.”
Jill Varghese, case manager

“What I most appreciate about the practice is that as a provider, I feel that I always have someone I can reach out to when I need support or have a question. I don’t feel like I’m alone or isolated. This enhances my resilience and supports me to fully engage with my patients and to be open to address any & all of their concerns.”
Scott Wright, physician

“I have heard our patients say that they appreciate that they get the highest quality care and that it is delivered by a team that genuinely cares about them as individuals.”
Maureen Reinsel, nurse practitioner

“A property manager called us in need of a “Reasonable Accommodation/Modification Verification Form” to be completed by our provider for one our patients. I assured the property manager that the situation was being handled, she seemed relieved and at the end of the call & she thanked me for my “kindness.” While this request was fairly routine, our commitment to giving, helping, and serving is noticed by others and makes me proud to work alongside such dedicated professionals.”
Dario Rosas, medical office administrator