Principles for the Division of General Internal Medicine at JHBMC

The prioritization of being relationship-centered in patient care and education reflects our core values, and informs how we engage in all that we do. Our culture is built on respect, trust, integrity, service, and giving. Members of our division share an uncompromising dedication to excellence.

  • Our goal is continuous learning and growth. In everything we do, we are aiming to be better tomorrow.
  • Learners are treasured. We are deeply committed to their development.
  • All members of our non-hierarchical multidisciplinary teams are considered and respected. We collaborate to support, advocate, and serve our patients and communities.
  • We embrace diversity as a driver of a truly vibrant and creative environment.
  • We are poised to respond to opportunities and develop solutions to challenges.
  • We are entrepreneurial and focused on promoting value in all of our programs.
  • Transparency is vital to our identity, progress, and our success.
  • We support division members to recognize their goals, pursue their dreams, and realize their fullest potential.

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