Curriculum Development Program

About the Program

We want to leverage our experience and expertise to equip faculty to more efficiently plan better educational experiences using a structured and scholarly approach that is oriented to healthcare needs and outcomes.

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The Six-Step Approach

The Six-Step Approach to Curriculum Development was developed by Dr. Dave Kern and others in the 1980s and has continued to evolve to help educators grow and succeed in their specific curricular endeavors.














These timeless principles are both simple, yet profound. They both provide structure and invite innovation.

  1. Problem Identification and General Needs Assessment
  2. Targeted Needs Assessment
  3. Goals and Objectives
  4. Educational Strategies
  5. Implementation
  6. Evaluation and Feedback


I knew of the book and the six-steps before I signed up for the course. Still, I found great value in this well-structured and practical course. Discussing the applications of the critical steps to my specific content with skilled facilitators and fantastic peers helped me identify blind spots and gaps in my thinking that have enhanced my curriculum.

Department of Surgery Faculty Member

What to Expect

Our core courses differ in time investment and depth from about 4 hours to 10 months. Except for the online course, each course is offered live on the Hopkins Bayview Campus or through distance learning via Zoom. Each live course includes:

  • A personal copy of the textbook
  • Instruction in the Six-Step Approach from facilitators
  • Facilitated exercises and formative feedback on your curriculum
  • Thoughtful critique from a learning community of fellow educators
  • Assistance with planning your specific next steps