Endorsements from Fellows


“I was considering what to do after residency, I wasn’t sure that I wanted more training, but now several years into my role on faculty, I feel the investment has paid off. Just as residency prepared me for clinical practice, fellowship prepared me for academic medicine. It was an incredibly formative time where I sharpened my thinking and skills as a researcher and educator, but, more importantly, where I reflected on my values, clarified the difference that I wanted to make in the world, and envisioned the career and life that I hoped to have. This was all facilitated by an group of experienced, capable, and caring mentors who were generous with their time and energy, helped me make connections with others, and who role modeled excellence in clinical care, research, and teaching.”
—Dr. Sean Tackett, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD

“Participating in a GIM Medical Education Fellowship at Johns Hopkins was the best decision of my professional career. My fellowship provided me with unparalleled mentorship from medical education leaders and the protected time to fully invest in developing as an academic medical educator. The relationships and skills I acquired from this experience have been instrumental in my career and have opened doors to a multitude of professional educational opportunities.”
—Dr. Paul O’Rourke, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD

“When I reflect upon my time as a medical education fellow at Johns Hopkins, I am more and more convinced of how transformative it has been in shaping my identity as a medical educator and how well it prepared me for beginning a career in academic medicine. I learned how to systematically approach curriculum development, and to refine my teaching philosophy through formal training. Additionally, I was exposed to innovative ways of thinking about medical education scholarship through interaction with fellowship peers and renowned medical educators. More than anything, what makes this medical education fellowship extraordinary are the incredible faculty mentors who continue to be invested in my professional and personal success. I would absolutely do this fellowship again and am more than happy to talk about my experience with anyone who is considering applying!”
—Dr. Manasa Ayyala, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, Rutgers, NJ

“Participating in the Hopkins GIM medical education fellowship started me out on a great journey in medical education. The projects and mentorship allowed me to gain valuable training and skills that served as a solid foundation for a future career in academic medicine. I look back on the projects and mentors and try to emulate what I experienced during fellowship with my current mentees and scholarly work. I appreciated the year-long Faculty Development programs in curriculum development and teaching skills and always look back to those experiences to find solutions to current problems.”
—Dr. Donna Windish, Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, CT

“The GIM fellowship at JHBV is the single most important experience in my professional development as a scientist and leader in medical education. The quality of the program and in particular, the expert mentoring by the JHBV faculty, is unparalleled. In my opinion, JHBV is the best possible place in the world to prepare oneself for a career in medical education. In addition to outstanding preparation, by virtue of being a JHBV alumna I am also part of a large professional network of colleagues in the U.S. and beyond who connect, collaborate, and support each other. These relationships have been invaluable in my professional and personal success. I strongly encourage everyone who is interested in a career in medical education to join the fellowship at JHBV.”
—Dr. Darcy Reed, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

“My 2 years as a GIM medical education fellow were the greatest 2 years of the professional life. Learned so much, felt tremendous support, shaped the direction of my career. I use the skills that I acquired and developed during my fellowship every day. Doing this fellowship was one of the best decisions of my professional life.”
—Dr. Scott Wright, Fellowship Director

“During residency, I fell in love with teaching and longitudinal relationships with patients. GIM fellowship was the perfect next step in my career. Fellowship allowed me to really explore my interests related to education with the support of dedicated and caring mentors. It was an incredible growth experience for me. Now I am engaged in meaningful educational work and feel that fellowship perfectly prepared me for a satisfying and successful academic career.”
—Dr. Rachel Levine, Fellowship Director