Susan C. Mirabal

Susan C. Mirabal, M.D.

GIM Fellow

Our GIM MedEd division is truly one of a kind. Our multidisciplinary team, led by caring, nurturing and compassionate physician-mentors, is redefining what it means to deliver patient-centered care.


I am passionate about improving medical education thru thoughtful and deliberate teaching, coaching, and mentoring. As a general medicine physician, I am committed to providing culturally sensitive medical care to diverse populations.  

Before embarking on my medical career, I was a plant physiologist, avid oil painter and novice baker. After finishing medical school at the University of New Mexico, I moved to New York and completed my Internal Medicine residency with a focus on Community Medicine.  

As a recent NY transplant, I am enjoying the beautiful landscapes that Baltimore has to offer and am excited to get back to oil painting.  Also recently hooked on cycling and rowing.

I can usually be found at the local farmers market with my husband and young son. 


  • Degrees
    • B.S. Biology / Univeristy of New Mexico 2008

    • M.S. Biology / University of New Mexico 2010

    • M.D. / University of New Mexico 2018

  • Residencies
    • Internal Medicine, focus on Community Medicine / New York University 2021

  • Fellowships
    • Current / Johns Hopkins University

Scholarly Interests

Graduate medical education Minority advocacy and inclusion in Medicine
Selected Publications
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  • Mirabal S. ed: Torres, C. Primecuts. Clinical Correlations. 11 Dec 2018.

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  • NHMA Adult Immunization ToolKit. Aug 2015. A campaign to improve vaccination rates in the Hispanic community.

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  • Shanmugam I, Abbas M, Ayoub F, Mirabal S, Bsaili M, Caulder E, Weinstock D, Tomkinson A, Hromas R, Shaheen M. USP 20 regulates Rad17 stability, checkpoint kinase 1 phosphorylation and DNA repair by Homologous Recombination. J Biol Chem 2014;289(33):22739-48

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